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HEAD BOLTS (feroza)

As many of you know i usually have genuine head bolts it stock most of the time,but they’re not cheap and getting harder to get,i am now offering an alternative as well as oem.

Industry standard grade for head bolts is sae grade8,closest metric equivalent is 10.9,These ones im offering are “in hex” 12.9

The long bolts were 3mm too long,and i have shortened and chamfered in the lathe.

They will come with hardened washers which i have also chamfered on the top inner to allow for the slight radius on the inside of the bolt head

I will also supply with enough washers to double stack the washers in case the head has been machined too many times

I have tested and checked on an engine i have here but I strongly urge any one who purchases a set to test for bottoming out without washers fitted to ensure they’re not to long and to add the extra washer if need be(as always the threads should be chased,cleaned and blown out to ensure you don’t bottom out on debris and oil)

Aftermarket HD1.6 Headbolt set 12.9 inhex

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